Kokuritsu Okutama Museum, “Kokuritsu Okutama Museum 24-Hour Human Clock (Asia version)” Southeast Asia Project

Drawing for 24-Hour Human Clock

9/30 (Sat) 18:00 - 10/1 (Sun) 18:00
In front of Roppongi Hills North Tower
The “Kokuritsu Okutama Museum” is an artist collective launched in Ome City, Tokyo in 2012. Many of its members have shown works in Southeast Asia. Their Asia-themed “24-Hour Human Clock” will have people as the clock hands.


Kokuritsu Okutama Museum

Opening in 2012 in Ome City, Tokyo, Kokuritsu Okutama Museum is a former sawmill now used as an artists’ studio that also hosts irregular exhibitions. For Roppongi Art Night 2017, the video artists Masahiro Wada, Atsushi Yamamoto, and Takuro Kotaka exhibit work alongside Masahiro Satsuka (museum director), Tomohiro Nagahata (deputy director), and Chiharu Ninagawa (narrator).