Roppongi Hills

Shintaro Oue, Maki Morishita, “Butsuru” Performances

Left: ©matron2016 Right: ©427FOTO

October 21 (Fri) 23:00 - 23:20
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
A spin-off piece from the new "Dokowodoubutsuru" that will be performed at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center in October. Seeing and being seen is something that does not change even when the stage is a zoo. Freedom can be found by coming down from the stage, but this will lead to the realization of being caught in the invisible cage of time. Although the world is a big place, it is no different from the inside of a cage. This piece visualizes and expresses ideas on how to share values and wanting to be free due to not being free.


Shintaro Oue

Born in Kyoto. Shintaro Oue move at 1992 to study at Hamburg Ballet school. 1993 won a cash prize at Prix de lausanne. 1994 Joined company at Hamburg. 1997 moved to NDT2. 1999 start freelance and create own work. In 2000 won the silver dans prize with first official choreography.
2002 move to sweden. 2003 for 3years joined Cullberg ballet then back to freelance. 2005 won the prize of First prize at Hannover international choreography competition as well as Prix de Skandinavia. After Several work to company and own project, in 2008 start C/Ompany. Company has been debut at Europe at Julidans NEXT09 since then active and toured in Japan, Sweden and Holland.

Maki Morishita

Born in 1975, Maki Morishita grew up in several cities, as her father was often transferred in his job.
For the reason that she had to change elementary schools three times in her childhood, she invented many games in order to make new friends as soon as possible.
This invention of divers games has influenced her dance creation later on in her works. Latest work,she has been colaborate with TABAIMO hand to hand to create many works. With the work of them has got DANCE FORUM JAPAN in 2012.