Manika Nagare with Makoto Enda, Minako Suzuki, “Roppongi Landscape Painting” Town Performances/Program Chosen from the Open Call Project

©Manika Nagare 2016

October 22 (Sat)
Part 1 :
15:30 - Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
17:00 - Front of Tokyo Midtown Garden Side B1F Ron Herman
18:30 - Front of Tenso Shrine

Part 2 :
20:45 - The National Art Center,Tokyo 1F
Part 1 : Various places in Roppongi
Part 2 : The National Art Center, Tokyo
[Participation fee]
A performance highlighting the appeal of the nightscape of Roppongi by borrowing the town and the people moving to and fro during Roppongi Art Night as part of the landscape. The performances dotting the area will sometimes become pictures and sometimes be transformed into artworks in their own right, creating a different landscape (picture) for every instant. The performance takes snippets of the nature that can be found hidden in the city to infuse new breath and re-examine such aspects in a piece that provides a chance to rediscover and relive the beauty of Roppongi through dance and painting.


Manika Nagare

Manika Nagare has been showing her work in the US, Turkey and other countries with the remarkable usage of colors, her bright and clear paintings are well recognized. Also Nagare has created a public art that supervises the art and the whole environment as the Azabu Public library, and now extending her challenge into a dance performance.

Makoto Enda

Makoto Enda is a dancer and a choreographer, a organizer of the dance company, Makoto Club. Enda is skillful at bringing the dance performance to common scenery. Received the 1st Dance Forum Award, and others.

Minako Suzuki

Minako Suzuki is a dancer. Suzuki has been working with several directors such as Shuji Onodera, Akira Kasai, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Maki Morishita, Masako Yasumoto, ASA-CHANG & Junray, Tabaimo, making a strong impression on audiences.