Measuring: This much, That much, How much?

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4/25|10:00 ~ 24:00
4/26|10:00 ~ 20:00
*Last entry 30min before closing
*Through 5/31
[Participation fee]
Student(High&Junior high school)|¥500
12 and under|Free
Humankind has devised conceptual tools that make it possible to measure, convey information about, and manipulate all things in the natural environment that are difficult to manage as they are - tangible things, air, water, light, sound. Those tools are units. Designs that we encounter in our everyday lives are likewise made possible because of the existence of numerous units: meters for the length, grams for the weight, and seconds for the time and many more. The world is more fun when you know how to play with units. And when you are familiar with units, design becomes much more interesting. By showing aspects of the world through the filter of units, this exhibition will hopefully change the way people view everyday things that they normally do not give a second thought to, and lead to new discoveries and sparks of creativity.