Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter, live painting performance

Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter, live painting performance Asian Cultural Council 50th Anniversary gala dinner Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York November 2014 Jennifer Trahan for A.Silver Photography

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4/25 10:00 ~ 4/26 18:00
West Walk
[Participation fee]
Excising the decorative elements from graffiti, such as the form of the lettering, colors, arrows and stars that are its distinctive features, Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter leaves only a dynamic drawing motion dubbed “quick turn.” The artist is known for his “Quick Turn Structure” monochrome motifs rendered by repeating this action. Deriving the technique from street graffiti, and developing it into his own original mode of expression on paper and canvas, Ōyama presents the resulting work not only in museums and galleries, but in performance too, including at live music venues. For Roppongi Art Night 2015 he will once again be demonstrating the here-and-now action quality of graffiti, on a large wall.


Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter

Ōyama Enrico Isamu Letter was born in Tokyo, in 1983 to a German-Italian father and a Japanese mother. Ōyama got interested in graffiti culture when he lived in Italy in 2000-2001, and initiated his own self-taught creation. After being back to Tokyo, he started to focus on drawing black-and-white, minimal yet spontaneous motif that was developed from visual language of graffiti culture, and established it as his signature style in Tokyo underground art scene around mid-2000's. He named the style "Quick Turn Structure", and has positioned his practice in the midst of contemporary art and street art, expanding his activity to writing of critical texts, participating symposia as well as commission works. In 2012 he moved to New York where he currently lives and works.