WireⅠ, Crystal City 002, Wu Chi-Tsung Installations on the streets


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4/25 18:22 ~ 4/26 4:56
Reine Building
[Participation fee]
The structure of projector is similar to that of a slide projector.The greatest difference is that the imaging magnifier in front will constantly move back and forth.With the changing focal length,the image keeps disappearing and reappearing. The small wire netting of some 10 sq. cm. form a strong contrast with the image being projected. To me,it is like an allegory about media: the development of media constantly changes our way of seeing the world and our attitude towards reality.The projector modifies the image of the wire netting and creates a new space for the projection of meaning.


Wu Chi-Tsung

Wu Chi-Tsung was born in Taipei, Taiwan (b. 1981), and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil painting from the Taipei National University of the Arts in 2004. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions domestic and abroad, including Sub-Phenomena: Report on the State of Chinese Young Art, The First CAFAM Future Exhibition (2012), CAFAM Art Museum, Beijing, China; Boundaries on the Move: Taiwan-Israel, A Cross-Culture Dialogue (2012), Herzliya, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; Taiwan Calling - The Phantom of Liberty / Elusive Island (2011), Műcsarnok - Kunsthalle Budapest Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary; Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection (2008), Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China; Artes Mundi (2006), Wales International Visual Art Prize, National Museum of Cardiff, Cardiff, UK; Hyper Design: 6th Shanghai Biennial (2006), Shanghai, China; The Elegance of Silence (2005), Mori Museum, Tokyo, Japan and has held solo exhibitions at IT Park Gallery (2004, 2009), Chi-wen Gallery (2009), and TKG+ (2012) in Taipei, Taiwan.