Lungplant, Tim van Cromvoirt Installations on the streets

Photo: Tim van Cromvoirt

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4/25 18:22 ~ 4/26 4:56
Roi Building
[Participation fee]
The installation depicts a landscape with living, luminous organisms and explores the influence this landscape has on its spectators. The kinetic sculpture consists of various, spherical textile ‘lungs’ that gently inhale and exhale air. These inhaling and exhaling ‘organs’ show a very natural movement in a continuous cycle. The installation explores the symbioses between the (artificial) organism and the (organic) spectator. By surrounding yourself with these artificial organisms you become aware of your own breathing tempo and slowly start to adapt to theirs; an effect that, you will find, calms you down.


Tim van Cromvoirt

Tim van Cromvoirt graduated in 2011 as interaction designer at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design, St.Joost, Breda, the Netherlands. His graduation project 'Thermophores' was awarded the ST.Joost medal for best graduation project. Van Cromvoirt's work is set on the crossfield of art, science and technology. His work is seen as, intriguing and mysterious, technological complex but most of all enchanting.