“Of limited significance”, “Diving 3” Christine Camenisch, Johannes Vetsch Installations on the streets

©Christine Camenisch | Johannes Vetsch

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4/25 24:00 ~ 4/26 4:56
Metro Hat, Roppongi Hills
[Participation fee]
Two infinite video-loops by two Swiss artists seems to illustrate mountains and a tunnel drive. In the first video you see the ridge line of white mountains which evokes the immensity of the Alps but this are only the daily openings of the Dow Jones index since year 2000. In the second video you see an eternal drive through an empty Swiss tunnel.


Christine Camenisch & Johannes Vetsch

Christine Camenisch develops since almost twenty years light projections with slide projectors and video installations (since five years in cooperation with Johannes Vetsch), which concentrate on the basic characteristic of video as medium and its presentation: the possibility of projecting pictures, which means light, into a room. From this they evolved a manifold form language which always is tightly related to the room.Adjusted to the rooms, these installations are giving the visitor the physical impression of either he is or the room and the objects around him are moving. Depending of how the projectors are mounted, the surface of the walls or the appearing shadows of the visitors give lot of room for new associations. The installations were always breaking with the conventional point of view on slide projection, film and video: Pictures “animate” the rooms and surfaces on which they are projected and put the viewer in between the real room and one of visual imagination. Text: Ruth Kissling(art gallery Basel)