Morphing Cube, Junichi Yamaoka Installations on the streets


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4/25 11:00 ~ 4/26 18:00
Roppongi PARS
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Morphing Cube is a kinetic construction that changes into various shapes through the physical reproduction of geometric computer graphics. It is made of rubber, nylon fishing line, a motor, and computerized controls, and by controlling eight motors installed on points of an outer frame, the rubber cube is made to morph into various shapes, such as a trapezium and plane, and displays parallel transport. Possible applications include spaces and buildings that morph to suit the size of an individual.


Junichi Yamaoka

Junichi Yamaoka (born 1988) is a researcher and media artist. He is a doctoral student of Keio University, Graduate School of Media and Governance. He is studying about Human Computer Interaction, and he is also producing a media art pieces which combines physical and virtual objects. WIRED Creative Hack Award Grand Prize, TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK ASIA AWARD2014 Second Prize.