Web City, Jaye Moon Installations on the streets

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4/25 11:00 ~ 4/26 18:00
Tokyo Midtown; Plaza
[Participation fee]
Lego art project open to public participation, by New York-based Korean artist Jaye Moon. Once Moon herself has used Lego blocks to form a treehouse covering a tree, and wire and Lego parts to build the foundations of a virtual city of urban landscapes and natural scenes at Tokyo Midtown, participants will be invited to add Lego where they like to complete the works. Musubitsuku Machi was born out of a desire to encourage a sense of connection between the streets and many people, via a project in which works are produced in the streets, with the help of a variety of participants. cooperated by the LEGO Group


Jaye Moon

Jaye Moon is a Brooklyn based Korean artist. She received her MFA from Pratt Institute in 1994. She had solo exhibitions in New York, Spain and Tokyo. Moon has been working as art medium with Lego since 1996 and has created site-specific Lego public art in the form of tree houses and wall drawings in urban landscapes, integrating actual architecture and nature with Lego bricks to share her ideas with the public from 2011. Her public Lego projects were shown in various locations in the USA including New York City, Miami and Nebraska, as well as in England and Korea. This is Moon’s first interactive art work in Tokyo.