The Cafe “In spring it is the dawn” supported by Seibu & Sogo Machinaka Meeting

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4/25|20:00 〜 21:30
Hills Cafe/Space, Roppongi Hills
[Participation fee]
The Roppongi Art Night concept cafe. With the help of the city of Amsterdam, which successfully ran the “Night Mayor” system/concept currently garnering huge interest in Europe, and based on the idea that nighttime fun is not all about drinking and dancing, but can include getting down to creating some real culture, the cafe will offer new ways to enjoy art via a program combining stimulating talks, displays, live painting, live electronic music and a DJ.


Kazue Kobata

Mirik Milan

Mirik Milan is a creative and strategic director for cultural events and party’s. Throughout the years he has been busy organizing parties, fashion shows and cultural events. Since 2012 Mirik Milan is the Night Mayor of Amsterdam. The Night Mayor is an intermediary between the municipality and the city's nightlife. He is a spokesman for all things concerning nightlife in Amsterdam. He also ensures that investors and city planners don't disregard cultural concerns, advises politicians, finds creative solutions in cases of conflict and works as a lobbyist. Companies he has worked for recently are VICE media, Aids Fonds, the City of Amsterdam, Meubel Stukken, Kantor Weekend, DIESEL, Jameson, Southern Comfort.

Kenichiro Mogi

Michihiko Yanai