Bloom, Tim van Cromvoirt + Marleen Maathuis Installations on the streets

Photo: Marleen Maathuis

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4/25 12:00 ~ 4/26 18:00
*Cancellation in the event of stormy weather.
The National Art Center, Tokyo
[Participation fee]
These mystical flowers come to live, only at night, in this healing environment. Be taken away from reality and allow yourself to drift off into a different world.
BLOOM is an co-creation by Marleen Maathuis and Tim van Cromvoirt. These two new media artist focus on creating natural experiences through the use of modern technology. By creating these on nature inspired kinetic art installations, visitors can experience all the positive benefits nature has on our mind without putting a stain on real nature.


Tim van Cromvoirt

Tim van Cromvoirt graduated in 2011 as interaction designer at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design, St.Joost, Breda, the Netherlands. His graduation project 'Thermophores' was awarded the ST.Joost medal for best graduation project. Van Cromvoirt's work is set on the crossfield of art, science and technology. His work is seen as, intriguing and mysterious, technological complex but most of all enchanting.

Marleen Maathuis

Marleen Maathuis graduated from art school AKV|St.Joost in 2013 with her mesmerizing and innovative project “The DNA Modulator”, a ground breaking new-media installation that makes it possible to listen to a unique musical conversion of the DNA profile of her deceased mother. Her touching project has been exhibited at some of the most prestigious Art & Technology exhibitions and art fairs in the Netherlands. The DNA Modulator has been nominated for several important art awards and had numerous publications in art, technology and new media magazines and on several blogs throughout the web. In 2013, Maathuis got the honourable title of “Hot 100 Member 2013”, granted to the 100 best and most promising graduates in new media arts in the Netherlands.