Roppongi Art Night 2013


Art Fune Project
Kato Yayoi + Rebirth Project Iseya Yusuke

Shouting Star Maru

Creative group Rebirth Project, asking the momentous question “What must humans do to survive on earth?”, has installed on their Art Fune an experimental device that promotes communication between total strangers. A platform for serendipitous exchange developed by member art director Kato Yayoi and group leader Iseya Yusuke, steam whistle conversations between “shipmates” aboard the SS Shouting Star will resound in the Roppongi night.


A project unit, led by Iseya Yusuke, explores the ways to solve many different problems in today’s society for the future.

Sa 17:55–Su 18:00
Tokyo Midtown Canopy Square