Roppongi Art Night 2013

ブランシュ・ネージュ ~「Le Banquet」(ル・バンケ/饗宴)~


Blanche Neige ”Le Banquet”

It is a life-size installation with multiple appearances of real
Snow Whites. This time they will perform a Tokyo Midtown version of “Le Banquet”. Originally presented in 2010 for one week at the Centre Pompidou in Paris by a dozen Snow White Characters, it introduces a new factor of their movement: the act of eating, a symbol of consumptive culture.

Composed and staged by: Catherine Baÿ
Produced by: Association du 41
Organized by: Institut français du Japon – Tokyo, Tokyo Midtown

Sa 19:00–20:00
Tokyo Midtown Atrium