Roppongi Art Night 2013


Photo: Matsukage Hiroyuki

(Right)Video artist/contemporary artist
Mishima Akiyoshi


A huge arrow, produced by Chim↑Pom × BABOT,
appears on the atrium, an event space in Tokyo Midtown.
Within the space produced by Mishima Akiyoshi, the huge arrow will transform – like a balloon about to make a journey, the hand of a timepiece to mark the passage of time, or the needle of a compass indicating the direction of the trip. What will take place in this mysterious space are live performances with cutting-edge music and contemporary dance by performers who fire-up our imagination of a scene we have never seen. A one-night special collaboration space, where music, light, dance and art intertwine, will take you on a TRIP to anywhere but here.

Produced by THE FOREST

[Participating Artists]

  • 三宅洋平

    ■ Miyake Yohei Sa 21:30, Su 4:30
    Unconstrained vocals, woven lyrics, soulful guitar thrums, brilliantly colored rhythm: can all this be produced by one person? An unparalleled messenger, and the sole performer to take us on a “soul trip”.

  • INO hidefumi

    ■ INO hidefumi Sa 22:40
    Fender Rhodes player Ino Hidefumi personifies the sensational relationship between electronic device and the human body. Superb melodies, warm tones, and a mellow mood set the stage for an “intoxicating journey” through overlapping sounds.

  • 古賀剛fromコンドルズ × 四家卯大

    ■ Koga Takeshi from Condors × Shika Udai Sa 23:50
    Kogandance (ie, modern dance performed by Mr. Koga), currently a feature the contemporary dance company Condors, presents a special version of “The Middle-aged Man Who Leapt Through Time”, in which the dramatic echo of the cello leads you on an unpredictable “trip of self-liberation”.

  • 世武裕子

    ■ Sebu Hiroko Su 0:40
    Pieces by Sebu Hiroko, a composer and pianist who creates “Architectural Music”, sometimes hard and strong, sometimes lonely, always stunningly beautiful, like nature’s many facets. A “Technicolor journey” that turns everyday life into the things of movies.

  • あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ × contact Gonzo

    ■ ARAKAJIME KIMERARETA KOIBITOTACHI E (For Pre-Determined Lovers) x contact Gonzo Su 2:00
    A lyrical, roaring dub-band currently enjoying the limelight. Their sessions, like reaching the end, have elation, feelings of bliss, nostalgia, and sometimes evoke strong feelings of tension and relief. The simple, but hard-hitting body movements of contact Gonzo take you on “a trip to a land of no return”.

  • プロジェクト大山

    ■ Project OH!YAMA Su 3:10
    A dance unit of 5-10 women “around 30” dressed in costumes like inhabitants of a different world or strange living creatures in a fairy tale. The door to an adult fantasy world, a “sleepwalkers’ jaunt” in Roppongi.
    Photo: HARU

Sa 21:30–5:30
Tokyo Midtown Atrium