Roppongi Art Night 2013

Rhizomatiks × 山川冬樹

Art Fune Project
Rhizomatiks × Yamakawa Fuyuki

Rhizomatiks Synchro Maru

At midnight, the small but highly skilled multimedia production group Rhizomatiks and their Art Fune the Synchro Maru dock up with technology-enhanced body performance artist Yamakawa Fuyuki to synchronize the entire Roppongi Hills Arena with his heartbeat, translating the speed and strength of viewer heartbeats to a sound and light spectacle.


Formed in 2006. A small, but creative production which is active in various medias with highly skilled technique and expression.

Yamakawa Fuyuki

A Khoomei singer, a whole body artist/a musician. Born in 1973, London. Living in Yokohama. He’s active in music, art, theatrical art.

Sa 17:55–Su 18:00
Roppongi Hills Arena