Roppongi Art Night 2013

浮き輪から入り樽井戸を抜けて胃腸にいた るスカンクトンネル

Skunk Tunnel through an Inner Tube to a
Barrel and into the Stomach

installation view “Omnilogue: Alternating
Currents – Japanese Art after March 2011”

Art Port Roppongi
Izumi Taro + Orrorin

Roof Walking

Sleeping near rooftop neon lights may not be very warm, but it sure is dangerous.
Nightfall further complicates what can and can’t be done in town, so better consider the extremes of art apart from the norms of the town before putting the two together.
Kids don’t try this at home! The performance will be screened at Roppongi Hills.

Izumi Taro

Born in 1976, Nara. His major works are installations using visual images and performances. Many exhibitions including “Kneading” (Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery).

Sa 17:55– 5:39
Roppongi Hills Academy Hills entrance