Request for survey cooperation

How do you like this year’s “Roppongi Art Night 2022”?
To make “Roppongi Art Night” even more appealing, we conduct an annual review and plan the next “Roppongi Art Night” taking into account visitors’ opinions and reactions.

So please cooperate with this year’s survey. We look at all the opinions we receive. We are looking forward to reading them this year as well.

We will present complimentary tickets to The National Art Center, Tokyo, Suntory Museum of Art, Mori Art Museum and 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT to survey respondents chosen by lot. Winners will receive an e-mail.

Winners will be limited to those residing in Japan.
Those who live outside of Japan will answer simple survey and will not receive a gift because we can not send it. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Please answer the survey.

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