Daigo Sakane, “Tokyo Mandala” Roppongi Art Night Digital 2022
Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

9/3(Sat) onwards
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This work expresses Tokyo as reconstructed in the mind of the artist, who aims to develop video spaces of dynamic equilibrium. Tokyo is a city that is constantly undergoing a rapid pace of destruction and creation. This work uses collage and psychedelic expression to portray such a sense of contrast. Collage as a form of expression is rooted in the real world, but holds the potential to juxtapose various objects that normally don’t exist together. Cats float in the sky of the Kabukicho district, then fall like fireworks, and a different flower blooms. In sprinkling psychedelic elements into this collage, the boundaries have become blurred. This work embraces a love for the metropolis of roaring commercialism that is Tokyo – a place of possibility, creation, destruction, and vibrant color.


Daigo Sakane

Born 1995. Raised in Osaka and Saitama prefectures. Video artist. Researched film history while enrolled at the Gakushuin University School of Literature, Department of History. Sakane creates spaces and video works where conflicting entities coexist, drawing heavily from expressions of collage and glitching. He describes these as “video spaces of dynamic equilibrium.” Flash of Lightning, which he directed, edited, wrote, and filmed, was selected for the International Short Film Competition category of the Yubari International Film Festival in 2021.