Iyo Hasegawa and Ikumi Togawa, “sure” Roppongi Art Night Digital 2022
Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

9/3(Sat) onwards
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This video work was created by two Japanese artists who held a residency during lockdown in Paris. Hasegawa populated an entire room with the small leveling clips used to align grids of tiles, questioning the “accuracy” of measuring. She layers recollections of how her creative process went unseen due to repeated curfews and the inability of people to witness her work, in the same way that the leveling clips vanish when the tile is laid. In this installation, dancer Togawa feels the discrepancies that arise in the perception of the space on a physical level, and through her movements suggests a new extensity to the viewer.



Iyo Hasegawa is an artist working in the fields of installation and interior design. She re-examines everyday utilitarian objects from a different viewpoint, experimenting with finding new value in them.


Ikumi Togawa is a dancer artist. In 2015, she received the Musashino Art University Graduation Award for Excellent Work for her piece that expressed the physical connections between dance and painting. She is currently enrolled in the master’s course at the Université Paris 8 Department of Dance Study.