C for S (Moeko Ishiguro, Masumi Inoue), “Choreography of encounters” Roppongi Art Night Digital 2022
Program chosen from “Open Call Project”

9/3(Sat) onwards
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We continue our attempts to understand space through daily movements such as walking and sitting. These movements that enable us to understand space are choreography, which in turn yields images that I consider to be scenography. In this work, I record and edit movements in public spaces, adding sounds to express the relationship between the body and space and the images that emerge from their combination. By removing the original meaning and function of public spaces as we know them, and transforming them into a type of playground, I would like to show the intrigue of simply watching the interactions between people and space. Composed by Marin Escandou.


C for S (Moeko Ishiguro, Masumi Inoue)

Choreography for Scenography (C for S) is a project started in 2015 by photographer/videographer Moeko Ishiguro and dancer/visual artist Masumi Inoue. They present installations and performances that seek to reveal scenography through the body’s physical understanding of space.