Suntory Museum of Art

Gasho Yamanaka, “Hiten-Celestial maiden”


9/17(Sat) 13:30 - , 15:30 - , 18:00 - (Approximate 45-minute duration)
Suntory Museum of Art 6F Hall
[Participation fee]
Free (Museum admission fee required separately) [Early inquiries given priority]
Based in the concept of “a new stirring of tradition,” this work combines various techniques in traditional art forms into a reconstructed classical and contemporary dance performance for the modern age. Traversing time eternal and following the silk road along Persia, Gandhara, and Japan, the celestial beings in heavenly garments swoop down upon Roppongi Art Night in a twinkling glimmer. The fusion of modern and traditional dance, contemporary music and classical instruments will ignite a mysterious alchemy that comes to life in the Suntory Museum of Art.
Production Cooperation: Foundation for promotion of Chofu city’s culture and community.


Gasho Yamanaka

A Noh performer belonging to the Kanze School Umewakakai. Yamanaka made his stage debut at the age of 2. In search of the possibilities of modern Noh, he is active in a variety of fields. His presentations for ages ranging from kindergarten to working adults have been well received, and he has become a bridge connecting Noh to the future. His wide-ranging activities exemplify ideas and actions that are not bound by the conformities of Noh as it exists, and he is wholeheartedly exploring the potential of modern Noh.
General Designated Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property. He has made numerous film and stage appearances.