Tokyo Midtown

Yuuna Tanaka Street Art Performances, “Workshop: A Nail that Sticks Out Still Lives and Thrives”

5/25(Sat) 19:30 – 5/26(Sun) 4:30
Tokyo Midtown Plaza B1F Metro Avenue
[Participation fee]
Free * While materials last
Street Art Performances《Workshop: A Nail that Sticks Out Still Lives and Thrives》
This workshop will display the “things and goals I am striving for,” written on paper in the artist’s work currently on exhibit, A Nail that Sticks Out Still Lives and Thrives. The saying goes, “a nail that sticks out gets hammered down,” and in this way, the more we hold onto and pursue our dreams and goals, the more we become “the nail that sticks out” and become pounded down by the surrounding world. In spite of this, we must surely have the will to continue moving forward even when struck down. This performance will use the motif of a “whack-a-mole” game to express all people’s ability to carry on undefeated even after being hit.


Tanaka Yuuna

Born in 1997. From Okayama City, Okayama. Currently lives in Hiroshima.
Third year major in Dyeing and Weaving, Department of Design and Applied Arts, Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City University
2018 The 8th New Prefectural Exhibition (Hiroshima City, Hiroshima)
2017 Hatago Flags Opening Event - Koichiro Togawa x 6 Dyers and Weavers Joint Exhibition (Hatago Flags / Hiroshima)
2017 Art in Sakagura 2107 (Higashi Hiroshima Tourism Association / Hiroshima)