Takahito Kimura, “ ‘KOMOREBI’ project (KOMOREBI: sunlight filtering down through trees) ” Meetings on the street / Explorers: When a door to an unknown place opens.

❶Let’s transform into an animal who eats “KOMOREBI”
9/30 (Sat) [Workshop] 11:00-13:00, [Interactive piece] 13:00-17:00
10/1 (Sun) [Workshop] 11:00-13:00, [Interactive piece] 13:00-17:00

❷If the sun were in the form of a star …
[Interactive piece] 9/30 (Sat) 18:00-24:00
Mikawadai Park
[Participation fee]
Booking in advance is required for workshop (up to 24 participants for each session)
The “KOMOREBI” project, one of Kimura's signature works under the theme “playing with the Earth”, demonstrates the world of “sunlight filtering down through trees in star shape” utilizing natural phenomenon of pinhole effect. What if the sun were in the form of a star …?


Takahito Kimura

Born in Aichi Prefecture, Kimura holds a PhD from Tokyo University of the Arts. He developed a series of work under the concept “playing with the Earth". Here, Kimura transforms the powers from Earth and Nature, which he believes are universal language, into a tangible and experimental installation. Other notable exhibitions: Setouchi International Art Festival, Echigotsumari Art Triennale, Aichi Triennale, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, etc.