Andreas Greiner and Tyler Friedman, From Strings to Dinosaurs Town Installations

“From Strings to Dinosaurs”, 2014 Composition: Tyler Friedman, Photo: Andreas Greiner

October 21 (Fri) 18:00 - 23:00
October 22 (Sat) 11:00 - October 23 (Sun) 5:00
※The audience in the installation will be completely replaced each time and it is very dark inside.
Reine Roppongi Building B1F
5-3-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku
[Participation fee]

Special Grant from:Berlin Municipal Cultural Agency

A mysterious installation work using sound and light created in a space based on a concept devised by Andreas Greiner. Tyler Friedman's music plays in pitch-black darkness, and marine plankton called noctiluca reacts to give off a blue-white light.


Andreas Greiner

Born in Germany in 1979. He graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin and also studied at the Institut für Raumexperimente e.V. (Institute for Spatial Experiments). He creates experimental projects using scientific research, living creatures such as insects, and natural phenomenon. He employs his experience in medicine, anatomy, and sculpture to create artworks that involve concepts of time and explore new definitions of sculpture. He is also well familier with Japan. His current solo exhibition is now running at Berlinische Galerie in Berlin.

Tyler Friedman 

Born in the USA in 1983, he is currently based in Berlin. He is an internationally active sound artist, composer, and producer. His work integrates music theory, sound design, and studio technology. In addition to his own creations, he also works on other projects such as creating the music for video work by the British contemporary art collective Otolith Group.