Overseas Invited

Compagnie des Quidams, “FierS à Cheval” Performance invited from overseas

Photo1:© Marc Van Canneyt
Photo2:© Laurine Schiavon
Photo3:© Cie des Quidams

October 21 (Fri) and October 22 (Sat)

●Roppongi Hills Arena
October 21 (Fri) 18:00 -
October 22 (Sat) 17:30 -
●The National Art Center,Tokyo (West gate - slope- main gate)
October 21 (Fri) 21:30 -
October 22 (Sat) 21:30 -
●Tokyo Midtown Plaza 1F
October 21 (Fri) 22:30 -
October 22 (Sat) 22:30 -
●Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
October 21 (Fri) 23:30 -
October 22 (Sat) 23:30 -
Roppongi Hills Arena, The National Art Center,Tokyo (West gate - slope- main gate), Tokyo Midtown Plaza 1F, Roppongi Hills 66 Plaza
[Participation fee]
Compagnie des Quidams, an internationally renowned spectacle performance group based in France, will come to Japan with its new show entitled "FierS à Cheval" (Proud Horse) to perform at Roppongi Art Night. Performers wearing strange white costumes appear and transform into beautiful glowing horses with a symphony evoking an image of space and the sound of horses neighing. The ringmaster gives power to the horses, dances and playfully moves closer and farther away from the audience. The glowing white horses symbolizing peace, innocence and spirit will cross paths in a dreamlike performance that will appear at Roppongi Hills, The National Art Center, Tokyo and Tokyo Midtown.
* A company lauded for its performance of "Herbet's Dream" at Roppongi Art Night 2010 will return to Japan.


Company Quidams

Founded in 1994 by its artistic director, Jean-Baptiste Duperray, the Company Quidams created more than a dozen performances in over forty countries, from Europe to Australia via the Asia or south America. It brings together twenty artists and technicians from different backgrounds (theater, dance, music, circus ...). La Compagnie des Quidams is based in Etrez Quidams village and it develops awareness projects for Street Arts (open rehearsals, workshops, ...).