Mori Art Museum

The Universe and Art: Princess Kaguya, Leonardo da Vinci, teamLab Exhibition Held during Roppongi Art Night

teamLab "Crows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well, Blossoming on Collision - Light in Space" 2016

July 30 (Sat) - January 9, 2017 (Mon/ holiday)
10:00 - 22:00 (admission closes 30 minutes earlier)
* Only open until 17:00 on Tuesdays
* During Roppongi Art Night 2016 opening hours will be extended to 10:00 - 1:00
the following day on Oct 21 (Fri) and 10:00 - 6:00 the following day on Oct 22 (Sat)
Museum holidays : None (Open everyday)
Mori Art Museum (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F)
[Participation fee]
Adults : 1,600 yen
High school and university students : 1,100 yen
4 years to junior high school students : 600 yen
Museum holidays None (Open everyday)
Astronomy manuscripts penned by genius Leonardo da Vinci are on display in Japan for the first time ever. A new interactive installation by teamLab is also on display. Our universe is of perennial interest, appearing in art all around the world as an object of worship and study over the centuries, and spawning countless stories. “The Universe and Art,” in just one exhibition, will offer a diverse selection of around 200 items from across the globe and down the centuries, in multiple genres, from meteorites and fossils to historic astronomical material by Da Vinci and Galileo; mandalas; Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter) which we may call Japan's oldest sci-fi novel; installations by contemporary artists, and the latest from the frontline of space development. Join us on a journey exploring where we came from, and where we are going, as Roppongi turns into a portal to the cosmos.

MAM Screen 004 :
Looking at Earth from Space
A single channel video program linked with the “Universe and Art” exhibition. A view of the universe from the perspective of a variety of artists will be shown on screen.

MAM Screen 004 : Video Hiroba - Group
Re-examination of Experimental Video of the 1970s
An experimental video group formed in Japan in 1972. This exhibition displays the works of key members of Video Hiroba, along with photos, text, books and other materials.