Roppongi Hills

SAL VANILLA, “OOIOO” Performances

October 22 (Sat) 23:00- / 23 (Sun) 1:00-
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
Sal Vanilla shocked the crowd with their performance of "inter/action" at the opening of Roppongi Hills in 2003. Breaking silence after an 11-year hiatus, they will return to Roppongi Hills Arena. Because the performance will be late at night, which could be considered characteristic of Roppongi Art Night, it is a sophisticated performance with emphasis on the body. All eyes are on the beginning of the new path being taken by Sal Vanilla after their return.



SAL VANILLA, comtemporary “BUTOH Dance“ company, mixed with multi media, which has been worked from 1994 to 2006, is comming back to at Roppongi Hills Arena since in 2003! At that time audience was very excited to see “inter/action”
which is an their independent style of production. This time they will perform in minimum scaled production in phisically what to focuse to meditative consciousness in our boby because their performance will start from late at night.