Roppongi Hills

Strange Kinoko Dance Company , “Let’s go to the night strange park” Performances

October 22 (Sat) 22:00 -
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
"Will you dream a good nightmare on Art Night? Or will it be a bad nightmare?" A performance in Roppongi Hills Arena by Strange Kinoko Dance Company, a dance company that has led the scene for many years. Strange Kinoko will spread its gentle and sweet spores from the Arena installation used as a stage. The audience will be enticed into a mysterious sleep. Look forward to this exclusive session only for Roppongi Art Night!


Strange Kinoko Dance Company

Strange Kinoko Dance Company has been pursuing "research on dance" in many different perspectives as well as establishing its originality. Strange Kinoko Dance Company has been performed at theater, museum patio, gallery space, cafe, office, warehouse or even at the entrance hall of office building. Sharing various types of site with audience, Strange Kinoko Dance Company seeks various physicality joyfully.
Strange Kinoko Dance Company offers workshops for children, actors and non-dancers. Its work can be seen as dancers or movement director for other performers' projects such as theatre, concerts, and film.
Major history of award winning are “the 32nd Rookie of the Year award of the Dance Critics Association”, ”the 5th grand prize of Japan Dance Forum”, etc.