Toshihiro Nakanishi, Teturo Shimaguchi, The Samurai Sword Art group KAMUI, Emi Yoshimura, “SAMURAI IN ROPPONGI!!!” Town Performances/Program Chosen from the Open Call Project

October 21 (Fri) 19:30 - , 21:00 -
October 22 (Sat) 16:00 - , 18:00 - , 21:30 -
October 23 (Sun) 2:00 -
Various places in Roppongi
[Participation fee]
Performance art combining theatrical combat with music. The performers are violinist Toshihiro Nakanishi, theatrical combat choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi and the members of his KAMUI group. They will wander the streets of Roppongi and imitate swordfights on the street with live performances on the street. "Although the streets of Roppongi are now lined with neon, it used to be a town of warriors and samurai with many great lords' compounds and old samurai residences. Just imagine the samurai coming back to Roppongi. Who have they come back to Roppongi to cut?


Toshihiro Nakanishi

Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Kamui Samurai Sword Artists

Megumi Yoshimura