Yuzo Ishiyama / A.P.I. “0dB / prototype” Town Performances/Silent Programs

"QWERTY" © Yohta Kataoka

October 22 (Sat) 20:00- / 22:00-
Mikawadai Park
4-2-27 Roppongi, Minato-ku
[Participation fee]

※Sound device is available to the first 100 audiences

"0dB/Prototype" proposes a new approach to dance products that has been made possible in the 2010s. What is a sense of realism and live performance? Dancing that is performed in the area in the zone between silence and thunderous noise created by a special audio system that combines chilling silence with violently powerful dynamism to carve a careering feeling of not having a sense of belonging.


Yuzo Ishiyama / A.P.I.

A.P.I. is an artist collective organized by Yuzo Ishiyama, a performance media artist/choreographer.
Their dance piece "QWERTY" has been invited to numerous dance/art festivals all over the world such as a digital art festival 'Bains Numériques' in France, a contemporary dance festival 'Panorama Festival' in Brazil and other international events.
Ishiyama has joined various international projects many times until now.
He was also invited to The National Ballet of Japan as a guest choreographer in 2011.