Announcing this year’s theme ‘Mirai no Matsuri’ and the visual for the theme!
Welcoming Mika Ninagawa as the main artist
Also celebrating the launch of the ‘Southeast Asia Project’!

The Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee will be hosting Roppongi Art Night 2017 for 2 days on September 30 (Sat) and October 1(Sun), 2017.
This year’s theme is ‘Mirai no Matsuri’ (festivals of the future), and Roppongi Art Night is excited in welcoming Photographer and Film Director Mika Ninagawa as the main artist. Mika Ninagawa as the main artist. . Do not miss the beautiful and seductive world of Mika Ninagawa.
In Addition, Roppongi Art Night will be launching the ‘Southeast Asia Project’ in which artists from Southeast Asia as well as Japanese artists will work together with the Roppongi community and its people to create and present art.
This year’s visual was designed by groovisions using Mika Ninagawa’s photographs. The graphic artwork will be displayed around the city as the icon for Roppongi Art Night 2017.

Roppongi Art Night 2017 Theme
‘Mirai no Matsuri’
(festivals of the future)

What comes to mind on hearing the word ‘matsuri (festival)’? The general definition for matsuri is ‘the act of praying to or worshiping a deity or ancestors to give thanks or to comfort the spirit’. However, in recent years, music festivals and art festivals are all considered a matsuri. What all of these have in common is that people gather to share an experience and pass on cultures to future generations and is a communication platform.
This year’s Roppongi Art Night 2017, will be featuring art and performance from around the world, including many from Asia, proposing a new creative form of ‘matsuri (festival).

Main Program

For Roppongi Art Night, Ninagawa will exhibit several installations that are inspired by this year’s theme ‘Mirai no Matsuri’. The installations include her various unique motifs as well as her extraordinary sense of color. Ninagawa’s works, combined with the ‘Asia’ themed art pieces, will transform the city of Roppongi, with Roppongi Hills Arena being the main venue along with several other locations.

Main Artist
Mika Ninagawa
Photographer and Film Director

She has received numerous awards including the renowned Kimura Ihei Award. Films include ‘Sakuran’ (2007) and ‘Helter Skelter’ (2012). Her 2008 solo exhibition toured art museums throughout Japan. Published a photo book from Rizzoli N.Y. in 2010, and her solo exhibition at MOCA Taipei(2016) broke the museum record for attendence number. Appointed as one of the executive board members of the 2020 Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Southeast Asia Project

The ‘Southeast Asia Project’ is the second main program of Roppongi Art Night 2017. Artists from Southeast Asia and Japanese are invited to work together with various people and communities of Roppongi.
Through workshops and research of local history and cultural resources, the project aims to vitalize cultural activities as well as actualizing potential local content. Look forward to ‘matsuri’ themed art pieces by the local community and artists only at Roppongi Art Night 2017.

Navin Rawanchaikul
《Tales from the Land of Six Trees》

《OK Tower》
OK Tower, 2016
Installation view at Nishiura village, Megijima, Japan
Photo by Navin Production

Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul will be creating Roppongi inspired films, painting, and dance performances. The works will feature the residents of Roppongi and their colorful lifestyles.

Neo Angono Artist Collective
《The Roppongi Higantes Project Walking Among Giants: Them Are Us Too》

《Angono Higantes,Big and Small》
photo credit : photo walk Philippines/

Artist group based out of Angono, Philippines, famous for the Higantes Festival. Will be presenting an original Higantes Festival at Roppongi Art Night.

The National Museum of Art Okutama
《24h Human Clock (Asia version)》

《Drawing for 24h Human Clock》

Artist collective launched in Oume City, Tokyo in 2012. Many of the members have presented works around Southeast Asia. They will create an Asia themed ‘human clock’ where humans are the clock hands.

Mission statement

Roppongi Art Night is a one-night celebration of art staged in the district of Roppongi. A diverse range of works including not only artworks but also design, music, video and performance pieces are dotted around the Roppongi neighborhood with its high concentration of retail stores and cultural institutions, creating an extraordinary experience, while proposing a lifestyle that celebrates the enjoyment of art in everyday living. Bringing art and street together as one will also enhance the image of Roppongi as a cultural hub, and offer a trailblazing example of neighborhood initiative within the vast metropolis of Tokyo. Roppongi Art Night will continue to develop as the capital’s premier art festival.

Overview of Roppongi Art Night 2017

Roppongi Art Night 2017
Overview Roppongi Art Night is a one-night celebration of art staged in the district of Roppongi. The event proposes a pioneering model for urban development as well as a lifestyle that celebrates the enjoyment of art in our everyday lives. Presenting modern art, design, music, film, and performances, Roppongi Art Night offers a surreal, extraordinary experience. Launched in March 2009, the event is growing every year.
September 30(Sat) 10:00
- October 1(Sun)18:00, 2017
<Core Times>
September 30(Sat) 17:27(Sunset)
- October 1(Sun) 05:36(Sunrise)
*Core times is the period with the highest concentration of events with many performances and workshops held.
Venues Roppongi Hills, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo Midtown, Suntory Museum of Art, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Roppongi Shopping District, other cooperating facilities and public spaces in the Roppongi area.
Admission Free (however, fee is required for certain programs and museum events)
Organizers Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Minato City, Roppongi Art Night Executive Committee [The National Art Center, Tokyo, Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo Midtown, 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Mori Art Museum, Mori Building, Roppongi Shopping District Association]

* All programs may change or be cancelled depending on circumstances such as weather.

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