SENSELESS DRAWING BOT, So Kanno+yang02 Installations on the streets

Photo:YAMAKAMI Yohei

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4/25 18:22 ~ 4/26 4:56
Tokyo Midtown Canopy Square
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A skateboard uniquely modified with an electric motor and a double pendulum attached moves back and forward, the range of its swing amplifying, and when the pendulum's momentum exceeds a certain point, for an instant the device sprays paint on a wall. Here we have an imperfect drawing machine, neither conscious nor assertive, that displays only the dynamism of the drawing process in graffiti, and elements such as its spontaneity and symbolism. Since the machine's unveiling in September 2011, documentary footage of it has featured on the internet internationally. It won a New Face Award at the Agency for Cultural Affairs-sponsored 15th Japan Media Arts Festival. Since appearing in an exhibition of prizewinners at the National Art Center, Tokyo in February 2012, the bot has traveled to numerous festivals and group shows both here in Japan (Kobe, Kofu) and in Korea, Slovenia, Portugal, Hong Kong, the United States, Russia and Indonesia, before fetching up once more here in Roppongi.


So Kanno + yang02