Roppongi Hills

Jinta-la-Mvta, “Final Live Performance with Jinta-la-Mvta” Performances on the street


10/1 (Sun) 17:00-18:00
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
The grand finale performance to end this year’s Art Night. An explosive show of Asian energy, centered around Chindon band Jinta-la-Mvta, who have been heating up the streets of Roppongi throughout the event. The celebrative sound of the gongs date back to odori nenbutsu (Buddhist incantation using chanting, drumbeating, and dancing). We will be paying respects to not only our audience, but to the spirits of the land! The sound of the march!
That blends Japanese and Western styles can all be traced back to the Ottoman Empire and the lands that are connected by the Silk Road!



Chindon (Japanese street marching music) meets world music! Known for its unique music style that mixes street sensibility and experimental nature, Jinta-la-Mvta is a chindon band led by Wataru Okuma (clarinet) and Miwazo Kogure (chindon drum and vocals). While rooted in an exhilarating form of chindon music, Jinta-la-Mvta has attempted to create a hybrid style blending international folk music such as klezmer and Balkan music. Attracting attention as a uniquely Japanese klezmer band, Jinta-la-Mvta has been invited to play overseas in recent years. Their albums include Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) (2014).