Roppongi Hills

Akiko Kitamura & Akihiko Kanako, “Daku – A spinoff project from Cross Transit! -” Performances on the street

10/1 (Sun) 0:00-0:20
Roppongi Hills Arena
[Participation fee]
“Memories”, “ruins”, “body”. A spinoff performance of Cross Transit, an international collaborative dance project that was created out of travels throughout Asia which examined the history and the “present” of each land. Finishing a successful residency in Sado, the performance, which combines various Asian cultures, pursues how physical expression and sound connects with our memories and deepens the physical image of the future of Asia.



Choreographer, Director. She teaches at Shinshu University as an associate professor of the Faculty of Humanities. She created excellent pieces for two big evens in America: one was for BDF(Bates Dance Festival) in 2001 and the other was ADF (American Dance Festival) in 2003, and in both the events her pieces won high reputation. Her most outstanding master pieces are "Finks"(won Best Dance Piece Award of HOUR magazine in 2005), "ghostly round" (a commission work. Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt) , "To Belong" (Asia International co-production project in 2011-14, won the 7th Japan Dance Forum prize), "Cross Transit"(2015 and onward), etc.


Visual artist. Graduated with a MFA in Printmaking from the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Tokyo University of the Arts. His film collaboration with a zither player was shown at Japan Pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai Expo. In 2013, he presented a collaborative work with a composer, Saburo Ubukata at the Setagaya Art Museum, and with a choreographer, Akiko Kitamura for Cross Transit project (2016). Presented an installation at the Siggraph ASIA KOBE 2015 Art Gallery.